Hello, there, and welcome to my site! My name is Julia, but you've probably already figured that one out. I also love, love, LOVE photography... but you've probably already figured that one out, too. Hmmm... I guess I can tell you that I am married to the goofiest man alive, and we have a silly yellow lab who is constantly misbehaving in new, entertaining ways. I could also tell you that I love a bubble bath, that I have dimples (but only on my right side), or that I have a weird obsession with real-life crime tv-shows. 

Here's what you probably want to know... I've been working in portraiture for five years and have studied photography & film at the University level. With all of the stresses that come with running my own business, the people all make it worth it. I guess I'll leave it at this... I am really, really glad you're here. I love this job because it brings such charming, beautiful people into my life that I would never have met otherwise. So thank you for stopping by. Contact me here . Let's chat :) here.